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ASUS ROG STRIX z690-A WiFi D4 will not post past dram

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Been working on this over the past couple of weeks. Most of that waiting on parts. The Q-LEDs on the mobo show RED for the CPU then YELLOW for dram and stay on the yellow never to advance. Have been looking through forum after forum looking for that little thing I missed but to no avail. I previously had some Kingston Fury dram that was listed on Kingstons compatibility list and had the exact same problem. So, I order Corsair dram that was listed as compatible on Corsairs compatibility list. Exact same problem. Keep in mind I stripped the system down so I only had the CPU and one dram (in the correct slot according to the manual) fully expecting an error because of no HDD. Well, it never gets past the Q-LED testing the dram so therefore it doesn't test the video and doesn't get to POST.  And yes, the dram was fully seated.

So having this problem with now two different brands of dram I did more digging on just the dram. Looking at ASUS's QVL for memory neither of the Corsair or Kingston are listed. I had however initially look at that list but when I went to find dram listed on the list most everything on the list had been discontinued by the manufacturers. That is why I went with Kingstons and Corsairs compatibility lists. So far what I have found out is that the BIOS may need to be updated to use either of the memory sets I purchased. So I just order one 8gb module of dram that is on ASUS' QVL hoping I can at least get POST and flash the BIOS.

If anyone has another solution I'm all ears.

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your motherboard has a bios flashback function. you can update it even without a CPU. 

Have a look there :


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