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Cancelled right-click on thumb-button press when iCue is not running

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I created hardware and software profiles for my Corsair SCIMITAR Elite mouse that are the same so I don't have to run iCue to use them and the profiles are independent of the PC I'm using the mouse with.

When I use the mouse without iCue running, I have the following problem:
I press down the right mouse button and start to drag the mouse. I get the appropriate response (turning my character in a game). Now, when I press one of my thumb buttons, which all use a custom "Keystroke" command, the right mouse button press gets cancelled.

This doesn't happen when iCue with the same profile is running.

I also tested this with Microsoft Paint: I created a huge canvas with black background color. Then I switched to the pencil tool.
When iCue is running, I can hold the right mouse button and create a white line for as long as I want while pressing the thumb buttons. If I do it without iCue running, the line ends when I press the button because holding the right mouse button get's cancelled even though I'm still holding it.

I appended the profile I've used (with an appended ".pdf" at the end - just remove it). The profile contains settings for my SCIMITAR and the - also recently bought - K100.

I bought both products exactly because they have hardware profiles and don't require the management application to run because I was fed up with management software that required cloud profiles and logins to work. I even downloaded iCue before buying the products because I wanted to check if the software requires any logins (which I don't like - it's not needed.).
It would be a real bummer if I still have to run a management software.

I hope this issue can be resolved. Let me know if you need additional information or logs.

Default Profile without the fuzz.cueprofile.pdf

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I noticed this happening when one of the thumb buttons is *released*, not when it's initially pressed down.
Also, I'm on Windows 11 but if needed, I can also test if this happens on a Linux OS with and without the open source iCue alternative.

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