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HS80 RGB USB dolby audio (not wireless, not atmos) make very weird sound

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I recently bought that HS80 RGB USB and found the dolby audio makes sound very weird. I can't explain well but, it is ok on stereo mode. But when I turn on the dolby audio mode, the sound became like lagging. The sound is like when using discord voice chat while some kind of internet issue(high ping) or lag problem happening. like the sound like electronic(?), lagging extended? sound. this happen to every sound(youtube, twitch, game, music etc...) when I use dolby audio, and stops on stereo mode. 
My internet connection  I guess, and also I tried reinstall the ICUE and the headset driver.

I want surround audio... what should I do? 

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Hey, I'm having this issue exactly like you. Everything works perfectly in Stereo but when using Dolby surround, it lags when playing + in discord + watching video/stream. I've been trying to find solutions for so long now. Have you found any fix for this?

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