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Keyboard lighting turns off when ICUE app is closed - Help!


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So I don't know what I'm doing wrong here.  Just got a K-70 RGB PRO, plugged it in, downloaded ICUE.  Went to Hardware Lighting, set the keyboard to a static color green (as I prefer), and went to Device Settings where I clicked overwrite on the Default Profile to (I thought) save to the keyboard onboard memory.  But when I close out the app the keyboard goes blank after 5 seconds.  What am I doing wrong?

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Well I seem to have figured it out, in that I had to FIRST set the Lighting Effects to what I wanted, THEN set the Hardware lighting.  Seem to work now.  Never mind.......

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Lighting Effects control the lighting when CUE is running. 

Hardware Lighting controls the effects when CUE is not running. For KBs and mice these must be actively saved to the device memory before they will work. CUE will preview the hardware lighting as you move between choices to show you what it will look like. This can lead to some confusion when you leave the tab and the preview stops. 

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