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Corsair k70 keyboard not working

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Hi Guys

I purchased an auros b550 elite pro v2 mobo and  using a ryzen 7 5700x cpu.

When i started my pc for the first time i got the ftpm/psp nv corrupt msg on first display.

I cannot choose Y or N as my keyboard will not work. Its corsair k70 rgb and its plugged in, not wireless. It wont seem to work. I cannot choose Y or N on that irritating screen. The rgb light is on so i know its got power.
Please tell me what to do and how to get passed this msg if the motherboard will not accept my keyboard.


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Thanks dude

I managed to get it working and install windows etc.. then i installed the corsair software and the icue not registering keyboard once i downloaded it. So the keyboard is again not working...

Will search the forum for answers.

Thanks for your reply

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Since i downloaded this icue software my keyboard wont register with the pc. Tried everything. Cant get into bios either.. it picks the dark horse mouse up fine yet will not register the keyboard. Reset ir multiple times and the rgb lights change so i know its been reset yet wont work

This sucks man. I want to update the bios but cant get into it. Going to have to buy a cheap keyboard now just to get into bios. That software tweaks things lol, i dont trust it.

Was defos that corsair software that tweaked it and now cant get into windows. 

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