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iCue/Commander Core XT hardware test run

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I have a new DIY Hydro-X water-cooled build with Corsair fans, PSU, RAM in a Corsair case.  After completing a 24 hour leak test, I would like to test my fans and PSU.  The fans need to be connected to the Commander Core XT.

QUESTION:   How do I load the iCue software before I load my Win11 OS?   Is there an iCue software version already loaded into the Commander Core?



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there's no iCUE inside no 🙂

but the controller doesn't need iCUE to work. it will run off its factory fan curves out of the box, so if you power it up by bridging the PSU with the 24 pin shunt that should be in the hydro X kit somewhere, the pump and fans will start to spin. Make sure you have water in there before doing it, as the pump will get damaged if you run it dry.


You'll need iCUE afterwards to create your custom fans and pump curves based on the water temperature sensor that is supposed to be connected to the commander XT. After you have done that, the curve is saved in the controller and it can work autonomously without iCUE again.

Basically :

As long as the sensor serving as control variable is physically connected to the controller, it works without iCUE.

If you use a software sensor, it needs iCUE to work.

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LeDoyen - Many thanks - especially for the quick responce!!!

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Oh and don't forget, to make your water pump run at full speed when the PC is not running, you have to disconnect the pump PWM cable from the commander (when it's powered off. don't hot plug while it's running).

The pump will default to full speed if it doesn't receive a PWM signal, which will make filling the loop a LOT easier. remember to stop it when the level comes close to the bottom, refill, start again etc.. until all the air is out.

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