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No pump RGB on H115i platinum after motherboard change


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As per the title.

Had to change my CPU and motherboard after a failure(I think it was the CPU). The case, cooler etc remained the same.

The cooler has carried on working as it should, lights on the fans work as they do on my new Corsair DDR4.

Pump USB lead was plugged into a USB header on my new motherboard(as it was before) but there isn't any RGB on the pump. Other than that, all is working as it should.

My new motherboard is a Gigabyte B760 Gamming X.

Any ideas?

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So CUE shows the H115i Platinum but the lighting does not actually display on the hardware?


Or CUE does not show the H115i Platinum at all?


The Platinum AIOs have an internal RGB controller under the pump cap. There is a separate controller for fans and pump. When you quit CUE or during boot/shutdown does it light up?

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I would start a ticket from the "Support" link at the bottom of this page.  I can't think of any normal reason for it to go out that isn't contradicted by the fans keeping their RGB. The only other logical possibility is user error and you can check to make sure the lighting is applied by setting up a Lighting Link pattern on another device.  It should automatically apply to all.  However, I don't think that is in play and this is likely an internal hardware issue on the pump's RGB controller.  


You could try a forced firmware update, but I would wait until support suggests it.  Right now you have a working cooler.  There is always a small chance you can lock up the unit on the firmware flash and this seems to happen more often when there is an underlying hardware issue.  

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