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Commander Pro Not detected?

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I have my commander pro set up properly (It seems) ICUE sees the 2 Lighting Node Cores that are connected to the commander (and those fans function and light properly), but not the two things in to the LED ports. Any ideas of what I missed?

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What things in the LED ports?  A RGB lighting hub to provide 5v power to RGB fans?  Or a separate RGB strip or other RGB device?


You must manually configure the Commander Pro and tell it what you connected. Go to “Lighting Set-up” at the very top of the left side menu. There is a configuration setting for each LED port. If choosing fan type, note most new ML/SP fans are the Elite model and go under the “8 led fan” type, not the very old “SP-RGB” or 4 led ML-Pro. 

Also note those usb ports on the Commander Pro are passthrough to the MB and not device to device communication. You always will address each device with a usb connector individually and your Commander and 2 LNCores are sharing a communication line back to the board. 

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