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CPU fan speed error

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I recently purchased and installed an h150i elite cappelix AIO, and for the first few days i would power up the pc and it would start fine but recently i have been stopped at boot up for an error message that reads... CPU fan speed error, however when i go into the bios (which is asus's tuf gaming bios. motherboard tuf gaming b560m plus wifi and an i7 11700k CPU) the CPU header says the pump is connected to the CPU fan header and its running at around 2400 rpm which is usually what it runs at while in so im not to sure exactly what to do.

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If the pump and cooler is working as it should, but the system keeps giving you that error on boot while the CPU fan in BIOS is reading the tach reading, then double-check and make sure you plugged the tach cable from the pump into the CPU_FAN header and not the CPU_FAN_OPT header. If you have verified that it is plugged into the correct header on the motherboard and it is still giving you that error, then we would recommend you reach out to your motherboard manufacturer regarding the error.

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