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K68 and keycaps

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So I bought a set of keycaps that visually seemed like the right ones.  The space bar was just a little short.  So after searching online I found out that Corsair and other gaming companies use a 6.5u cap instead of the standard 6.25u.   So I finally found a giant set that had a 6.5u.  It said that it would fit 99 percent of keyboards.  Well, the bar was the right side but the stabilizers didnt line up.  Now let me tell you why I use a PC and not a Mac.  I have never had to return a memory stick, a hard drive, a power supply because there is a standard connector, making it easy for "do it your-selfers" to customize and work on their PCs themselves.  I really hope that Corsair has reconsidered, and currently use keycaps that aren't proprietary.  I'm sending the keycaps back and throwing this keyboard in the trash.

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The K68 is one of our older keyboards and as you discovered does not use a standard bottom row. All of our current keyboards that launched in the last two years, starting with the K100, all have a standard bottom row.

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