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Virtuoso SE Headset Mic Picking up Sound from Headphones

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Let me start off by saying I do love the headset thus far but would love it more if the mic didnt pick up the headphone audio when I speak.  I am connected via the 3.5mm as it goes through a GoXLR for streaming.  How do I fix this?  When its connected via USB the cross talk or what ever it is next to the mic is turned all the way down and disabled, but something tells me noting is saved when its connected via 3.5 and it picks it up any way.  This issue wasnt present with my Astro A10's

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Sidetone, the feature you described when using the USB connection, is not going to be associated with the issue you are experiencing. The problem you are experiencing is the GoXLR is providing more power to the headset over the 3.5mm jack that it is causing the crosstalk between the microphone and speakers. This is the same issue that occurs when using the same headset with an Xbox when connected via the 3.5mm on the controller. Unfortunately the only "fix" for the issue would be to not use the 3.5mm jack through the GoXLR.

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