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Trouble configuring iCue to toggle functionality and lighting of row of keys with FN toggle

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Hey, I am having trouble configuring my newly purchased K70 RGB PRO with some assignments/lighting that I think should be simple. Simply put, I want to use the FN key to toggle the lighting and assignments of the Function keys. So normally F1-F12 send their normal keystrokes when pressed, but pressing the FN key will change F1-F12 to sending different keystrokes and macros I want to assign, and change their color to indicate this. I want to leave these keys in that toggled functionality/color until I press the FN key again.

Doesn't seem like a complicated task but I am having trouble accomplishing it. Got this kb over other brands because I'd read iCue was excellent. First corsair product besides AIO cooler and I want to enjoy it but this feature is important to me. Please help if you're familiar with iCue!

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