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Running ICUE after initial Setup?…..Necessary?


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Once I have everything set up the way I like…colors, profiles, etc.

Does ICUE have to be running to keep all fan curves, colors and pump speeds? Or do the controllers save those settings and the software need not run in the background?

And I only restart the software if I want something changed??

Pros? …. cons?

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Your CUE hardware has two operational states. 

1) With CUE running is "software mode".  This offers maximum complexity, more effects choices two dozen layers of effects, precise timing and control, etc.  All the things it needs the system resources to accomplish.  Downside of course is no free lunch.  It uses system resources to do these things and run the monitoring software.  Unless you are running on a laptop battery, this is generally inconsequential.  In the software you set these parameters under "Lighting effects" or "key assignments".


2) When CUE is not running, like boot, shutdown, BIOS, Linux, or when you manually quit the app, then you are in "hardware mode".  Without the software and system resources each controller becomes an independent device and it must be able to do it's thing using only it's own internal memory and MCU.  Some of the new KBs are quite capable and have large memory capacity and a decent MCU.  Most fan controllers and mice are simple and can save 1 lighting effect preset or static color.  Some older or simple devices like mouse pads have no storage at all and will revert to rainbow wave when the software is not active.  In CUE you set these non-software parameters under "Hardware Lighting" or "Hardware Key Assignments".  Peripherals usually require an active write to the device.  Fan controllers, RAM, and most others will auto write to the device when you set it in CUE.  


So ultimately your choice and you can have lighting either way, but you will want to start with it active so you can learn all the capabilities before deciding you don't need it and prefer to run  the more limited set of options.  

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