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Icue Install makes my raid card not work

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i have a adaptec 72405 raidcard and ive just realized after about 6 weeks of trying many different things that the latest version of icue has messed up my server big time.  I had done a couple of things differently on the same day i updated icue when i originally had the problem i had installed some powered usb hubs which i though was the problem at first due to back feeding power into the usb port but just today after getting everything back up and running i just installed icue and my raid card just didnt like it when running normally it has a couple of leds flashing 2-3 times a second but after installing icue it flashes alot slower like if i recorded it and played it back 100 times slower thats what it looks like and storage arrays cant be read it ends up making my computer unusable so i need to know what drivers are installed when icue is.  Ive uninstalled icue removed the program files and registry entries also there was a virtual usb driver that was labeled as corsair so i removed that but about 20 sec after i login to windows the raid card still has issues i know its a driver loading at windows because if i dont login it happily rebuilds the array up untill the infamous driver loads then it back to slowdowns and hiccups also in safe mode it works fine aswell. any body know what drivers icue added to my computer so i can delete them?

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