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Corsair HS80 Wireless headset and Wireless Ironclaw mouse problem

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I am hoping someone might be able to help.

So I have a Corsair HS80 wireless headset with dongle paired to my Windows 11 PC.  Everything was fine and was working as expected.  Two days ago I treated my self to a new Corsair Iron claw wireless mouse.

I put the new dongle for the mouse into the machine and then everything went wrong......

So the HS80 wireless dongle now shows multipoint access and in iCue shows connected to the Iron claw, this has now booted my headset off the system, not showing in iCue or showing on the Pc when connected.  The HS80 dongle flashes red however the ironclad works fine with it.

I cant connect my headset in way whatsoever.  I cant find away to remove to the Iron claw connection to the HS80 dongle or how to reset it.

My headset will not show up when connected with USB either.

iCue will not allow me to connect to the headset via Slipstream, despite Corsair saying the HS80 are compatible along with the iron claw.

The HS80 shows multipoint as enabled but will not connect to anything other the iron claw

The dongle that came with the mouse shows multipoint as disable and will not enable.

iCue and all items have the latest software and firmware loaded onto them. 

I have tried a reinstall of iCue but that made no difference whatsoever.

Any help would be very much apricated

Thanks in advance   

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Hello jenson675,
I had a similar issue to the one you are having, hope this helps,

open iCUE 4 and have a old wired mouse handy and plugged in

1/  un plug the headset dongle and the mouse dongle

2/ plug in the headset dongle only turn on the headset they should pair (if not do a soft reset) when the headset has connected and working turn it off and un plug the dongle

3/ plug in the mouse dongle and pair it.

This should reset the dongles to their respective units when you go to use them plugin/turn on one at a time and you should be good. I hope this helps you and anyone else out there good lucl though you might have it solved by now.


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