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PSA: iCUE showing 3 pin fans as "unknown device"

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A potential solution for anyone who is running into this...

I just installed an H150i Elite Capellix. I had 6 fans connected to Commader Core - 4 PWM and 2 DC (3-pin) fans. iCUE was showing "unknown device" for the entire unit until I moved the 2 3-pin fans to the motherboard.

iCUE software 4.33.138
H150i firmware 2.0.19
Fans are stock fans that come with Corsair 4000D
Motherboard is MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Plus

I will also note - the 24 pin connector from the pump is a bit finicky. It does not seem to go all the way in the Commander Core on both sides. I had to pull the one side out a bit to make them even. When uneven, iCUE indicated a pump failure.

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The Commander Core controller does not support 3-pin DC fans and only supports PWM fans.

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