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H150i Coolant Temp below zero and intermittent flashing red LEDs


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MSI PRO Z790-P Wifi DDR4
Intel i5 13600KF
AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT
Corsair iCue H150i Elite Capellix (White)
All fans and LEDs are running into the Corsair Commander Core that came with the H150i

I'm getting a bizarre glitch or malfunction or something. This morning, I turned on my computer just like normal and after 10 or so minutes all of my LEDs in my computer start flashing red and the fan speed ramped up. So I opened up iCue to see what was going on.

All of my CPU core temps were normal. Everything was normal except for the coolant temp reading. It was reading in the negative degrees Celsius. Well, that's pretty much impossible.

I restarted iCue and my computer, but the issue persisted. Everything will be normal for some time, then, just seemingly out of the blue, the red flashing will start again and the coolant temp will read way down in the negative. And then, a second or third (or even a fourth I saw it get to one time) coolant temp reading will show up in iCue.

To me this just seems like it has to be some kind of glitch. Either a faulty signal being sent to iCue or iCue itself is just glitching out. But I don't really know.

I tried moving the pump cable from  the CPU_FAN1 header to the PUMP_FAN1 header. It seemed like it helped after a restart but, again, after about 20 minutes, the issue happened again.

I tried forcing a firmware update in iCue for the pump. Didn't help.

I've attached a bunch of screenshots just showing several different bizarre readings in iCue.

Since none of my CPU temps are spiking, it seems to me like there isn't actually an issue and the pump is working fine. Oh, I even manually checked that the pump is indeed working during the red flashing LEDs by feeling the tubes while it is happening (you can feel that the water is flowing) and it definitely is working.

Any help or insight would be helpful.

Screenshot 2023-02-06 103348.png

after moving cable and first error now has 2 coolant temp readings.png

after moving cable was fine for about 20 minutes.png

flashing red and fans ramped up.png

Screenshot 2023-02-06 104705.png

Screenshot 2023-02-06 104718.png

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I uninstalled any other hardware monitoring software programs that I had and restarted my computer and now iCue has given me the notification that my pump has failed and that I need to contact support.

But, again, my CPU temps are perfectly fine.

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