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Corsair One i400 reviews?

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I can't speak to the i400 because it's new.  But I have an i300 that I'm very happy with (and an i160 before that - also very happy).

It looks like the i400 is essentially similar to the i300 I have.

  • GPU - RTX 3080, same in both
  • CPU - i300 has an i9-12900k; i400 has an i7-13700KF.   So the i400 has the newest Intel chip, but not the fastest version.  That's probably a good thing - it still should be plenty fast but run cooler.  I'd be happy with an i7 in my i300.
  • RAM - 32GB DDR5 in both, but i400 is a bit faster (5600MHz vs 4800MHz)
  • Storage - NVMe SSD in both, but i300 is bigger (2TB vs 1 TB)
  • Motherboard, IO, etc the same in both

Apart from the storage, the i400 looks really good.  And much cheaper than the i300 was when I bought mine.  And I added a SATA SSD to my i300, so I suspect you can do that too - just need a SATA cable (shorter the better - it's a compact build).  

I've really liked both my Corsair Ones.  Great design and build quality.  Fits and looks great on my desk and handles anything I throw at it.  If I were buying one today, I'd go with the i400. 

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thank you for taking the time to reply.  The price( form factor and liquid cooling ) were my deciding factors. My last built pc had a hybrid 1070 and I was always impressed by it. I did see their bigger towers had better GPU specs, but I wanted to go for something a little more streamlined...I'm tired of having a messy desk.

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Interesting the i300 had a 3080ti option, which I have, but no longer an option.  Would have thought the i400 would atleast have a 4070 option which is less power consuming than 3080ti.

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