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Fans at 0RPM and Unable to Set Fan Curve/Control Fans

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I've had this Corsair One a200 since July with no real problems until a few months ago. In September, I was playing Apex Legends when the computer completely shut off and I noticed a fishy burning smell. Computer would not respond after this incident, so I sent it in and got a replacement. Keep in mind the whole time I've had a Corsair One a200, both front LEDs flash red when I run certain graphically demanding games such as Apex or COD MW2. I've looked at iCUE to see if it had to do with cooling only to realize that Fans 1 and 2, both on my graphics card (RTX 3080) are running at 0RPM. I can only imagine this is what has been causing me issues, and I cannot seem to find a solution. No option to set fan curve or control fans. Even when I go into my PC's BIOS and customize the fans there they still say 0RPM. I'll attach an image for context. Blank Dashboard. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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