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Latest Take in iCUE software?? Decent?….or still not ready for prime time??

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I realize that I will get varied opinions on this and all are welcome.

Been 5 years since my last build. A lot has happened in the RGB world. My last build Corsair Link was….well…not good.

Is ICUE a big step up?


Resource hog bloatware?


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1 hour ago, John Hoang said:

So what's your problem?

Not a problem….been away from building PCs for 5 years….a lot has changed in the RGB world.

Asking folks impressions of iCUE.

My last work with RGB was Corsair Link and Asus Aura.  It was a bug filled nightmare.

Hoping that iCUE is a dramatic improvement.

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I was problem free for long time but either latest ICue or a Windows 11 update has broke everything on me. Frustrating

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