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QL120 fan stops spinning after pc startup

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I just installed 1 QL120 fan into my spec omega case. The other fan in the case is still the standard LL120 fan if im not mistaken. RGB all works fine but the fan just stops spinning after the pc has started up and I have no idea how to fix this. I also have the H115i cooler with 2 fans on it and they also work just fine. Does anyone know why this is the way it is?

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There are several Spec Omega variants with subtle shifts in naming. While the Spec Omega RGB came with several HD RGB fans and a controller, the standard Spec Omega had a single LED fan and a DC speed controller. That 3 pin controller cannot manage PWM fans like the QL. 

Which H115i?  All of the AIO models will have their own fan controller and be separate from the other fans. 

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