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Having trouble getting RGB fans to work

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I have a Carbide Spec-Delta case with 3 built-in RGB fans, but my motherboard doesn't have a 4-pin connection for the 12v 4-pin RGB cables coming from the fans. I bought the iCUE Commander Core XT, but the 4-pin connections coming from the fans don't fit when I try to plug them into it. Do I need to buy the iCUE Commander Pro? Is there something else I should buy? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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All of the Corsair RGB controllers are 5v addressable RGB and will not be able to manage the 12v RGB fans. 

Are you sure your motherboard does not have a 12v RGB header?  That would be fairly unusual. Most have 1. 

I believe the spec delta had DC 3 pin fans and the Commander XT is going to be unable to control them for RGB or speed. 

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