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Loss sound in Corsair HS80 RGB WIRELESS (in discord and in other games)

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I have problems with my corsair, previously when I bought them I solved it but I don't remember the way, I formatted my computer and it's happening again, the problem is that suddenly the sound of some applications or games is lost (I think that is when I I go far and the headphones are disconnected for seconds), in discord it happens to me that I stop listening to everyone, I have to leave the channel and enter again and it is solved, I can't find any reason, just like when I play some video games, it it loses sound and i can't set it back to play unless i close the game and reopen it.

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Sometimes the game can be accidentally set to a lower volume. Have you check the Windows Volume Mixer? Just after you start the game> ALT Tab > Go Volume Mixer settings. To do this, right click at the sound icon and choose volume mixer. Check and adjust accordingly the volume of your running game here. Attached photo is the example. 



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