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Temperature Probe Placement with the Core Commander XT

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I have a Core Commander XT in order to control some additional Corsair cooling fans within my PC.

I noticed it comes with two temperature probes.

Have any of you folks used those probes and do you have some recommendations where/how to place them?

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For most users you want one in the rear exhaust area.  That can be inside the case or run out the back where you can't see it.  The exhaust air temp is the best indicator of your current internal case air temp and that is typically what you need your case fans to regulate.  The second probe does not need to be used for control purposes, but you can use it somewhere near the front intake to get a contrast data point vs the exhaust.


Where this gets a bit trickier is if you are running an AIO or other water cooling system with a front intake radiator.  In those circumstances, the coolant temp is going to control the front fans and the top and rear really should respond to what they do in order to keep balance of intake vs exhaust.  If you have a Corsair AIO, then H1xx Temp is already a control option on the Commander XT.  If you have another brand, you can use one of those temp probes right behind the front intake radiator.  Exhaust air temp from the radiator has a direct relationship with the coolant temp (small offset), so it will track +-1 with it.  You can then use that for control variable on the rest of the case or do a mix and match with the above.  


Aside from that, you can use the 2nd wherever you want for informational purposes,  

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