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Control Gskill RAM RGB in Corsair case with mostly Corsair Components

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Virtually all things in my Corsair 5000d Airflow case will be Corsair RGB

H150i Cappelix elite XT (the new version they just released) 3 AF 120s and 3 QL 120s in Push/Pull

7 QL 120s in the case

ICUE to control the RGB

But the 64 Gig of RAM  will be Two sticks of 32 GB G Skill RGB 


Anyone have experience controlling the RGB of that RAM or similar GSkill.

Can it be done with iCUE?

Must use GSkill’s own background program?….Any conflicts with iCUE?

Asus Prime Z 790 P Mobo Bios to control?…or the Asus Aura software?

Any advice appreciated….



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Icue only controls corsair ram. I'd STRONGLY advise not to install asus armory crate to control the ram. it's a mess of bloatware. The Gskill program is much lighter.

as for conflicts with iCUE, no idea, i don't use that bloatware anymore either ^^' but i don't know why it should conflict.

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I hate all that “background stuff” as well.

Which leads me to can the ICUE be used initially to “set up” everything the way you want…

Then set to not load at boot? In other words the settings stay on all the RGB and any fan profiles etc?

What is a good alternative to monitor temps? Or would I have to launch the iCUE program to see Temps?

Sorry for all the questions. I have not done a build in 5 years and find myself very out of date.

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iCUE isn't as bad as Asus armory crate. that one is an horror show.

With iCUE, you can set hardware profiles for lighting and fan control on the H150 that will run without software control.

Keyboards and mice also have that functionality for lighting.

As for iCue itself don't take my word for it, i have left it shortly after they launched iCUE 4, so it's been a long time and i don't have corsair hardware anymore 🙂 We all have different preferences. some don't mind it, i prefered to do without. see if you like it 🙂

Now, to monitor the H150i without iCUE, most hardware monitoring programs like HWmonitor, HWinfo64 and Aida64 can access corsair devices, but they will conflict with iCUE if both are running at the same time. So be careful if you give them a try, you may see bogus readings or have device disconnects. It's always one or the other.


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iCUE can control Corsair RGB devices that are supported. To resolve your situation I think it best to get Corsair DDR memory that can be controlled with iCUE. Keep your GSkill modules as emergency backups. 

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Or you can ditch iCue and go with RGBSignal which works with about everything RGB. A bit of a learning curve but once you get the hang of it, there is no better RGB FUN. It does cost a monthly subscription if you use the premium RGB effects but there are alot of Free effects also.

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