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iCue Software Support for RTX 4080 LED color customization.

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  • 2 months later...

I'm about to contact customer support on this as well. I did a new build and transferred my previous install of Windows 11 to this new setup and had iCue recognize the RTX 4080 and had the top LED lights sync with the setup,. Now with a clean install, it no longer recognizes the graphics card. We're probably gonna have to contact customer support on this and see what they say.

Does anyone else have a solution for this in the meantime? 

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I just got an RTX-4080 from Gigabyte and I'm not seeing mine either.  Running iCue 4.33.138.

Update:  Tried 5.0.144, too, and still no GPU detected.  nVidia plugin also won't install because it doesn't see it.


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