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Corsair H100i Elite & Strip Lighting Issue


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I purchased the Corsair H100i Elite on Amazon through the Corsair Store. The photos of the H100i Elite on Amazon says it also includes the controller, the controller image says its a Commander Core (not XT) but the image is the same as the Commander Core XT  with 2 temp sensors and a RGB lighting connection on one end along with a ID connection.  Ok so now I'll have 2 of the same controllers, no big deal I'll find use for it. When I opened the H100i Elite it is a different controller & not the one shown in the photo on Amazon. It does not have a 3 pin RGB strip lighting connection, it has 6 fan connections, 6  4 pin RGB fan lighting connections and a temp sensor connection, and at one end there is a 22 pin connection for the ribbon cable that runs from the pump. 

So now I have strip lighting run in my case  (which is a 3 pin connection) and no where to plug it in.  My radiator fans & pump will light up, but not my light strips. The RGB on the controller is 4 pin so I can't use it . Anyone know how to make the connections so I can use iCUE? Hope someone has an answer. I have a feeling I might not be able to use my light strips.  



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