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Corsair HS70 Pro - Microphone not working

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Hi all,

As the title says, I'm not able to use microphone, but audio is working good. It's not a hardware problem because I used it yesterday on a notebook without a problem, and I also could use it normally some weeks ago on my desktop (the PC which is giving me the problems right now). However, as silly as it sounds, I wasn't able to manage configuration to make it work. I tried several tutorials on the internet (update drivers, set as default, disable advanced audio, uninstall VOIP apps, etc etc)... I used automatic Windows Troubleshooting and, as it didn't work, I even contacted custom Windows support which did some of the above and, as it also didn't work, reinstalled Windows. Despite all of this, the problem persists.

I also 'rebooted'  headset as explained in this forum. I'm not sure what other step is available to try. Could you please help?

As a side note... A  few weeks ago I had troubles with my sound - it came and go and had to follow automatic Windows Troubleshooting, which twisted some configurations and solved audio problem, but maybe microphone was disabled in the process - I'm not sure as I don't use it frequently.

I just noticed that now even when I'm enable Voice prompt, I don't receive any voice message... at least that was working before Windows reinstall, so not sure what is happening


Thanks and Regards

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I solved it... I reinstalled iCUE and updated to last version (I was missing it I guess) and I finally was able to hear myself when I activated Sidetone on iCUE.

Then I configured "Speech" with Cortana in Windows setting and now it works on the other apps :D


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