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Type 4 24pin ATX cable check


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Hi all,

I have aquired an unused RM750x which seems dead so have just checked the type 4 ATX cable in isolation and found 3 shorts to ground as the image. Surely the wires should not short as  I have found. I appreciate as not the original purchaser Corsair don't give any warranty but before I sell on to any-one for spares I would at least like to know if the cable is OK rather then sell and it kills another PSU.

PSU plugs.jpg

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short short? like 0 ohms?

since you have one from each rail to ground, i feel you may be having bogus measurements if it's one of those cables with capacitors to smooth out ripple on each voltage rail.


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I suspect you are correct, I did just do a audio continuity check and not anticipating any electrical components in the wires themselves. However checking resistance values all three have elements of resistance. It did seem unlikely to me the cable would be an issue 

Thanks for the comment. I will amend my sketch to show the links with zero resistance

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