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Auto switching between Speakers and headset problem

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Hi everyone,

Ive had a set of Virtuoso SE's for a while now and before Sunday I could switch them on (wireless) and my system would auto switch to them without any issue, the one thing that changed (on sunday) is I bought a Dark Pro RGB SE mouse and installed it.

When I plugged the mouse in Icue popped up saying that the Virtuoso Wireless Reciever needed a firmware update (that I did), but the next time I went to use my headphones they did not auto switch to them, but they connected.


Firmware versions:-

Headphones - 5.3.70

Wireless Reciever - 5.9.130

Windows 11 pro (22H2 with latest updates)


Any help would be appricated


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A Little bit more testing from my side

I have tried using the dongle that came with the mouse to have each item seperate, but that had the same outcome.

Connecting headset via USB auto switches to them, so it seems the wireless side is having the problem?!?

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Is there any chance of the original firmware for the Virtuoso SE receiver to be sent to me please? Just to test my theory of the firmware that was downloaded when I connected mouse is the problem. I've probably tried everything else to solve this issue.


Thank you.

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