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M65 RGB Ultra Wireless

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My wife got me the M65 RGB Ultra Wireless mouse and approx. 66% of the time, ICUE doesn't pick up the Dongle and Mouse. It will detect the Mouse when it is connected to the computer by USB cord. I seriously doubt it is the USB Ports because the ports detect wire devices that are plugged into them, so my assumption is the Dongle is faulty. I have been fighting with this Mouse since I got it at the end of December for Christmas. I'm pretty sure Best Buy isn't going to let me return it, so I'm stuck with an expensive mouse that does what a $10.00 mouse does. I may buy RAM from Corsair, but I won't ever buy their other peripherals if this is the type of hassle their products bring.

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What exactly are you plugging the wireless receiver for the mouse into? Is it a USB port directly on your computer? Or is it some sort of USB hub/switch, etc... ?

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