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12VHPWR cable vs adapter and hx1000i


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Pleas correct me if i am wrong at any point. I did some research and if i am correct this nice looking 12vhpwr cable is compatible with my new corsair hx1000i right, right, RIGHT?

Also it seems it is capable of delivering up to 600w buuuut (seems there has allways be some "but") people saying it can deliver 600w only with psu 1200 or more and with hx1000i i am limited  to 450w (that seems enough with pcie slot power 75) for 4080 even at max tdp (not gonna oc it anyway) but the question is if i wanted to use 4090 this cable wouldn't deliver enough juice? At same point some people are saying this cable is not smart enough to know what psu its connected and still can deliver up to 600W? 

And the final question - 12vhpwr vs adapter (found in a rtx box). Is it just a matter of aestetics or is this cable somehow better/safer to use than adapter? 

(bonus question) how long are those 12vhpwr cables? Premium and regular?



Thanks for all the info/knowledge 

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hmm.. the cable doesn't know what PSU is tickling its connectors. it's capable of delivering 600W as long as your PSU can supply that. the HX1000i can totally do it.

The cable is not "smart". all it can tell the GPU is if it has only one or both of the cables connected. Plug only one, the GPU will only pull 300W, plug both, it will get 600 if needed.

On the 4 cables squid, each cable you disconnect will make the GPU reduce its max power draw in 150W increments.

And of course it's better to use less connectors. There will always be a small voltage drop when using PCIE connectors in between the PSU and the 12VHPWR connector. Whenever possible, use a dedicated cable.

Now, if you like the aesthetics of a cable squid hanging from a 4090, you do you ^^ it works too

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It's just a quote from some reddit i think:



From Corsair's own support site:

"600W load requires a 1200W rated CORSAIR PSU or higher. 450W load requires 1000W or higher. 300W load requires 750W or higher"

So if you have below a 1200W PSU, you will might not pull 600Ws with this cable.



and then there are replies that even on 850w psu this cable can pull 600w cause it won't know if the psu is 850 1000 or more. 


Anyways wanted to be sure (yea i bought one before getting answears) my not yet installed hx1000i will work perfect with not yet installed 4080


As far as aestetic goes side panel for my cosmos II is on the list but so far no way in seeing inside of it but hell yea those red/black sleves looks some damn nice (white as well damnit)

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they mix a few things here. the corsair recommendation is not for the cable but for the recommended wattage for the 4000 series, because of transients.

It's not the cable that pulls current or the PSU that pushes current, but the GPU that draws current.

The cable is capable of conducting 600W, that's about it. If your PSU is capable of handling a 4090 is another problem altogether, and not related to the cable at all.

If you use it on a 850W PSU, the cable will handle 600W fine... until the PSU shuts off because it can't handle the load of course.

But anyway, the 4090 is rated at 450W (continuous), and the 4080 is at 320W, so you're not even pushing it on the cable. The cable rating is for continuous power. Transients can go much higher, and it's up to the PSU to be able to take it. That's where Corsair advises to get some headroom for this generation.

With a 4090 card with optimistic vbios and enormous transient currents, it's best to aim higher and get a 1000W PSU or more. But at this stage, if you're not watercooling the card, you'll probably bump on thermal limits anyway. But since you talk of a 4080, you'll be just fine with a KW unit.

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Yea it was weird a bit what i read so i wanted to clear some things up. Also was a bit intrested in some info regarding cable vs adapter since there was some info that adapters can melt but most of people said it was due to the plug not being fully plugged in and it was bent. But since corsair cable and psu can do it without that adapter guess i will go with that nice looking cable.


Thanks for the info

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Yea, Gamers Nexus showed another Reddit case of dedicated cable melting, but again, it was showing signs of being losely inserted 😛

just make sure to clip it fully in.

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