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Vengeance DDR5 (non RGB) ram and icue

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i have 32GB DDR5 Vengeance ram (CMK32GX5M2B6000C36) and an issue with icue software. Is this ram (which is not rgb) supposed to work with icue. The issue is that sometimes it is recognized and everything is fine and other times it is recognized for some seconds and then the connection is lost. When this happens, no SPD memory info is posted in any application i use (CPU-Z, HWMONITOR) and my pc sometimes freezes and restarts. I have a Z790 Aorus elite AX mb and the thing is that the ram is always recognized in the bios. I have used both ram profiles (XMP and the default), tried changing dimms, reseat the ram but to no avail. I have run memtest to check for possible faulty memory but it passed with 0 errors. Is there any way to disable icue from controlling - recognizing the memory to maybe troubleshoot further or is there any direction you can point me to based on the info i provided (if any more info is needed please feel free to ask)?

Thank you in advance.

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