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K100 OPX switch replacements


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As the title says I'm looking to replace the default K100 OPX switches with similar optical switches that require much higher actuation force. My main problem is rest my fingers on the keycaps a lot and I have a lot of accidental presses registering due to how extremely sensitive these switches are. I like the switches themselves and the actuation distance but I just wish they required more actual force to register a keypress.

Does anyone know if Corsair offers such OPX switch alternatives and if not if there are any third parties that might? I really don't want run of the mill switches that aren't optical as that would lower response times.

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Did you ever get a reply to this question?  I was considering purchasing a K100, but I would like a near silent keyboard, and was looking to swap the OPX keys out with something like the GamaKey Phoenix Keys.  Do you know if that is something that can be done?

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I did not unfortunately. I have not found any concrete answers anywhere and Corsair themselves have been radio-silent. It looks like I may have to take it apart and see for myself, and I'm not looking forward to that.

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