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Rule of thumb for PSU wattage and Raptor Lake/GeForce 4080 and 4090??

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Is there a general “rule of thumb” for PSU wattage for above combo? 200 watts above max draw? 400 Watts above??

The parts picker website says I should be fine with a 1000 W PSU with a 4080 combination reaching 705 W. And a 4090 combination at 815 W which seems plenty of breathing room. I realize that these are estimates.

And  I haven’t built a system in years and am checking for the latest knowledge.

also, the computer will sit in a room on a 15 amp circuit…..but also shares a 55 inch TV and two monitors. Anybody have a guess at what the amperage of the above type system might be. I can’t imagine that it will cause problems with that 15 amp circuit but I want to make sure.

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If you are buy a good quality unit 1000w is fine.


modern tv and monitors do not consume much power (you can find out the ratings if you look up each products model)


You didn't list all your parts so no one can tell you expected power usage but a 15a circuit should be able to go to 1800 no problem if its been done correctly based on regs.

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