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Only 1 channel works for the LNP and 4/6 fans work on the LED fan hub

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I have;

1ea lighting node pro

1ea RGB LED fan hub

4ea lighting strips

6ea SP140 RGB Elite fans

and they are connected like the image i attached and I have A LOT of problems.


1) Only 4 out of 6 fans are on when I plug all 6 of them to the hub. Non of them are faulty since they all worked when I pluged them 1 by 1. Also, only 3 out of 4 strips work. Same here, non of them are faulty since they all worked when I pluged them 1 by 1.

2) Channel 1 of lighting node pro does not work. When I plug the hub to the channel 1 of the node with fans connected to the hub, the fans don't light up. When I plug strips to the same channel, only a SINGLE LED unit lights up then dies.

3) Now this is some weird thing. When I plugged the fans to channel 2 of the node, I could only control 4 fans with iCUE but the fans show up as RGB STRIP #1~3.

4) Then, when I unplugged the fans from LNP, they were still lit but not the way I've set up on iCUE. When I plugged 3 strips I have to the LNP, the fans are still lit in a random way and the strips are controllable with iCUE. The only way to turn off the 4 randomly lit fans is to plug the hub back in to channel 1 of LNP.


For problem 1, I don't know what is wrong.

For problem 2, I guess I bought a faulty LNP but am I right?

For problem 3, I don't know what is wrong. How could iCUE confuse between a fan and a strip?

For problem 4, how are the fans still lit?



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i have about the same problem

i have 2 SP140 rbg elite and 4 strips also connected as with you.

With me the rbg strips work, but the led on the fans does not. Have you found a solution?

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with the old fans i had no problems,

those where 2 ll120 dual light loops and 4 leds strips

no porblems then and now 2 sp140 and i have the problem i have changes the setting in the lighting node pro

is there somthing i miss?

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