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M65 RGB Ultra Wired mouse DPI light turns off after about 5 seconds

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Hi All - When iCue is on, the DPI light on my mouse turns off after about 5 seconds after clicking/holding the sniper button (or changing DPI). What is weird is that after I set up my hardware lighting and close iCue - the DPI light stays on as expected instead of turning off after about 5 seconds. The mouse functionality is still fine though.

So just curious if this is how iCue wants the light functionality to work. I've tried searching this topic but the only thread I found was from here:  

This is pretty much the same situation as mine, but I'm on iCue v. 4.32.129 now so rolling back to 4.27 is probably too far back.

I've reset my mouse (unplugged it, hold down left and right click, plugged it back in) and I've also done a clean reinstall as written here: https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us/articles/360025166712-Perform-a-clean-reinstallation-of-the-Corsair-Utility-Engine-iCUE-

It is also connected directly to my Windows 11 PC (not laptop) in a USB 3.0 port.

Mouse Firmware v. 1.16.41



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Ive yet to discover whats wrong here. Today I purchased a Scimitar Pro and that one keeps the DPI Light on at all times.  This issue is very annoying, we should be able to control that DPI Light.

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Yea, I have no idea. I've posted this here and on their Discord - at least 1 other person has brought this up but Corsair hasn't esponded yet.

I gave my Corsair Nightsword (wired) a try and the DPI light stays on when iCue is running. So it looks like, at least between us, it's M65 specific so far. It sounds like this is a feature for wireless mouse, but I use only wired mouse - so idk, maybe a bug or something.

Maybe I'll try Reddit. But agreed, I wish iCue had options to better control the DPI light.

The bright side (since now I turn off iCue and rely only on onboard profiles) is that iCue isn't eating up my RAM now whenever I use my personal PC - so there's that.

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