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Sabre RGB Pro Firmware 1.15.30 - Should I even bother?

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iCue is telling me that there is an update (1.14.28 > 1.15.30) for my Sabre RGB Pro mouse.  All I need to do is click the button.  The problem is that I can't find information about what this update is intended to fix.  There are no patch notes anywhere.  What I did find while I was looking for this information is that many people in the past have bricked their Sabre mice by updating the firmware.  Then they asked all around the internet for an older, working firmware because corsair doesn't seem to provide old firmware or a way to roll back firmware  Given that I have no idea what the benefits of updating are, my mouse is working fine, and updating with previous versions has been disastrous for some....I don't think I want to touch this.

If anyone here could provide patch notes for this update that would be great.  Maybe I just don't know where to look (yes I tried google).

Corsair: It is customary to include patch notes that describe your updates to software and firmware.




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