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Bad stick, replace two for matching?

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About 6 months ago I bought another stick of ram for my computer. I bought a 512MB stick of DDR 400 Corsair VS, indentical to what I already had. When I put the new ram in, my computer would not start and my monitor got no signal at all . I tried moving the ram into different slots with no luck. I finally gave up and decided it must be my cheap motherboard. About two weeks ago I bought the Shuttle AB60R motherboard, I tried to add in the other stick of ram and the computer would not work. When I tried one stick of ram at a time the newer ram would not even start the computer. So it was obvious that it wasn't that the motherboard could not handle two sticks, but that one of the sticks was bad.

So I would like to send back both 512mb DDR400 corsair vs sticks for a matched pair.


Tim Murphy

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