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Hardware Lightning Settings getting overwritten(?)

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I recently bought 2x16GB VENGEANCE RGB DDR5 6000MHz C40 and wanted to adjust the RGBs on them via the iCUE4 Software.

I did some research regarding its usage and decided to only roll some simple Hardware Lightning settings (classic rainbow wave), as I got no other adressable RGB devices for now.

To my understanding the Hardware Lightning settings also apply when the iCUE Software is not running etc., but when I close the software, restart my computer or just change the window within the software the effect vanishes and some default(?) RGB setting gets applied.

Therefore the simple question: What am I missing out on, or did I misunderstand? 

Thanks for the coming help!

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6 hours ago, Valandor said:

Hardware Lightning settings also apply when the iCUE Software is not running

Hardware Lighting setting only apply when CUE is not running. When CUE is active the software controlled “Lighting Effects” setting is in control. For RAM, the effect is immediately written to the modules when selected in HW Lighting. You will see a short delay before the selected effect appears in “preview”. That is when the effect is transferred to the module. 

So while you are setting the effect in the software, you are in software mode and the HW Lighting is just a projected preview. You must actually quit the software from the task bar to drop cue into HW Mode. If you intend to not to run CUE, make sure to deselect the “start with windows” option in the settings. 

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I made sure no iCUE task is running or gets autostarted on boot, and that worked, thanks.

Iin my opinion, it is weird in the first palce that selected settings get overwritten by others in the background, but anyway...

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A lot of new users get turned around on the initial settings.  For new users "Hardware Lighting" may seem like the logical setting for controlling your lighting.  It's really window dressing for most users, unless you intend to operate in Linux, another non-Windows environment, or simply do not want to run the software.  Specifically for the RAM, it will overwrite the current lighting setting saved to RAM the moment you select it.  Also be aware not every effect looks exactly like the preview.  You often are shown the "software controlled" version of the effect and different components will show the actual hardware effect with changes in speed or pattern.  However, the RAM sticks are more capable in HW Mode than most devices, so you should have a decent selection of choices.   


For CUE running options, all selections should be made in "Lighting Effects" and not hardware lighting.  

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