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New VENGEANCE i7400 Gaming PC Virus & Threat protection stops from time to time

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I just unboxed and setup my PC and found the unstable Virus & Threat protection issue every time after restarting PC.
Although I can manually restart the app, it stops for no reasons from time to time.

In addition, the CORSAIR Diagnostic has NEVER worked properly. 

I'm not sure if this is caused by win 11 or something. Just feel annoyed since the prebuilt software seems to be so unstable.



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On 1/22/2023 at 8:01 PM, DOOM_MARINE said:

You might have to do a reset on the pc... Reinstall Windows 11... 

Does the PC come with any software on a USB stick?

Can you redownload Corsair Diagnostics?

Thank you for response.

I contact the Microsoft Customer Service for three times, they recommended reinstall all updates via win11 images; no ideas; and a clean reinstall. None of them fixed the window defense issue. Meanwhile, reinstalling the updates fixed the issue of Corsair Diagnostics. 

After I install the win11 updates on 1/24, the Windows security issue gets fixed currently. Not sure if that'll happen again.
I can never know for what reasons all the current pre-built system / laptop enforce customers using Win11... (Haven't they ever use their unstable system at home???)

The PC doesn't come with anything, not even the asus antenna for motherboard. I got an asus prime z690-p wifi, whose bluetooth signal is as weak as my great-great-grandma's hearing. Not sure why they didn't mail the antenna to me.

Rest part is so far so good. I got a PNY 4090, which works fine so far. Hopefully I won't encounter graphics card issue.

Based on the price of all the hardware, warranty, installation fee, (also, the stupid win11 pro), I think the cost of this system is reasonable.  
Meanwhile, it would be a totally different story if my PNY card runs into a dead end as some of the others did....

Anyway, I think you're correct on cancelling your order.
Meanwhile, I do need the computational power from the 4090... so, let it be.
We'll see if I loss in the bet.


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