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Is it possible to change fan type in h100i


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I'm looking into upgrading to a h100i from a stock cooler for my i5-12400 and i already have 3 Corsair SP 120 fans that are connected to the included Lighting Node Pro. The h100i comes with nonRGB ML fans and the capellix version (which costs about 40aud more) comes with RGB MLs but must use the different Commander Pro. I was wondering if it was possible to buy 2 more SP fans and replace the MLs of the normal h100i with the RGB compatible SPs so that i can plug them all into the same hub and not go to the trouble of syncing the two differnt hubs. Would there be physical issues or is plugging them both into the cpu fan header feasible (this is my first build currently with the stock cooler so i dont have any experience with aios). this upgrade isnt necessary, just a possible qol improvement but any advice would be appreciated 🙂

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You have to be really careful with your model numbers and names on Corsair products.  Big differences between SP-RGB and SP-Elite, H100i and H100i Elite Capellix.


1) The H100i Elite does not come with RGB fans.  You can connect any PWM fan to its speed controller and the RGB wire is separate and can go to any other Corsair Lighting Controller.

2) The H100i Elite Capellix requires the use of the Commander Core.  This is both a full PWM speed controller and 6 port RGB controller.  For most that is helpful.  

           a) The Elite Capellix AIOs all come with ML-Elite fans.  These are 8 LED center hub fans.  The SP-Elite fan are also 8 center leds and identical to the ML-Elite for RGB purposes.

           b) If you have the older SP-PRO fans, these are also RGB identical to the SP/ML-Elite and can be connected to the same RGB controller.  However, they are DC motors and will not be controllable on the Commander Core that comes with the Elite Capellix.  

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