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welcome aboard, yes the cool kit fits your needs order for amd64 bracket.

first thing to know make sure all the air is out of the system for all water cooling systems aren't self bleeding. with Cool use a 10% mix of PG anti-freeze, also place the pump at to lowest an the rez the highest spot in the case, the rad have hose fittings on the bottom (to bleed out air turn the fittings to top while rez is higher), water block leave off MB till rez is filled,pump running, an turn all positions while rez is higher then place on CPU, once all hardware is burped just run the water pump ONLY - NO POWER TO MB to check for leaks, let pump run 3hrs , shouldn't have any trouble for Cool is a quality kit if any leaks rinse off with wet paper towel with distilled water an a dry towel after, let dry for a couple days. (or use hair dryer)

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