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XH500i Top Radiator Hitting Motherboard


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Looking for some assistance. I have a 5000D case plus the XH5000i kit. My motherboard is a Asus ROG z790. When trying to fit the top radiator with the 90 degree fittings, it's hitting the top of the motherboard and I can't get it flush. Haven't seen anywhere else where someone is having this issue. I am hoping it's just something simple. 




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seems you have to rotate the fitting, and it may clear, or clash very little.. if i judge by that photo from the product page.

Even there it seems to be touching the back IO cover.



It's pretty weird that on the case they designed the 120mm spacing to mount fans to be towards the back of the case instead of the front. 

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You might also check on the 5000 build thread to see what solutions other users came up with.  There's nothing particularly abnormal with the radiator, so it's going to be case specific.  




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