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asus sk8v+(2 x twinx 2048re)


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my system: asus sk8v--->bios 1003 (last version)

fx 51

corsair 2048re twinx pc 3200

windows xp professional


at first i had two modules and everything functions good


after i bought two other modules and i improve my system to 4 gb: 2 x 2048

i have these problems:


1. i change the option in the bios setup: i enable ''dram over 4g remapping''

but the system didn't enter in windows --> so i remove this option and the system entered in windows;

it seemed to function but when i opened matlab it doesn't work correctly;

after i had other problem of stability


2. i check the version of memory ( the first pair & the second) and they are both v1.2


i try to run them at DDR333 or DDR266: nothing to do the same problem of stability ( ram guy wrote to do it in the other tread about corsair revision)


3. 'Ram guy' wrote in the other tread:


If you choose 4 modules its best to make sure they are all the same revision and part# and buy them from the same reseller.


the only thing that i didn't check is the part#

sorry i dont' know what is it




i would set correctly my computer to use all rams togheter

i'm working about proteomic computing in San raffaele reserch center and in politecnico of milano and i hope to help a lot of person with studies in this direction but i need really a powerful workstation

i'm :evil: because i can't use 4 gb and i need it

could you help me please?


i hope my problem, if we solve it, will be able to help other persons to solve their problems




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Please make sure that you have the latest bios and I would set the Dim Voltage to 2.8 Volts and test the system with http://www.memtest.org with all of the modules installed. If the system passes then you may need to reinstall the O.S. other wise if you get errors please test the modules one ata time and lets make sure one is not failing.
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