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Perhaps my K95 is defective? No hardware profile can be stored there.

Jigs Gaton

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Well, all this time i thought it was beta iCue, but now that v4 is here i get the same bad results with my k95. When the computer reboots, the Glave mouse stays lit but the keyboard goes dark except for the three lights in the upper left. Then I get a conflict error when icue opens and I say ok, reload it and all is fine till the next reboot OR I am logged out on the home screen of my mac. Very annoying! Thx for any help... 



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The older Corsair KBs and most mice automatically create a “hardware profile” in CUE that serves as the save tool for writing a profile to the device. At a later point, that capability was added to individual software profiles as well. The warning is telling you whatever is saved to the KB is not the same as the the K95P HW Profile. In this case, it’s most likely the profile saved on the board is corrupt and trying to save over it on the prompt is failing despite the progress window. 

In cue, go to the keyboard device setting and click on the clear device memory button at the bottom. That should leave three blank slots. Now try and save back to the board from K95P HW1-2-3.  If that does not work, you’ll need to do the ESC key reset described below. 


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