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I am having a problem when recording in full screen and borderless window mode. I have two monitors. One has the game and the other has applications like ICUE. If I close or send to the system tray it will not glitch out like it is doing. The problem is I use ICUE so much I left it open to see profiles and just what is happening. All of my accessories are Corsair products. I do love using them but this incompatibility has gone too far for me. I have lost so much other footage not realizing at first that this was a problem. I was not going to make this post but after getting a new M.2 SSD to replace my C:Drive and doing a clean install of Windows 10 and this problem still persists, I had to start this topic. I have tried to find any information on why this is happening and have come back with nothing. I use the profile switch based on application constantly based on how much i do, so closing the ICUE application would be stepping backwards in my footsteps. There is also no profile switch for the application ICUE in my profiles so that can’t be it. I have recorded a sample in the game Valheim and have put it up on YouTube to show what is happening.  I like to use the Instant replay function on GeForce Experience to go back and get recorded past occurrences in applications, this shows up in recording and instant replay functions. I have embedded the link to the YouTube video labeled "ICUE & GeForce" in this topic/article. If I could get any help to fix this from showing up in my videos it would be greatly appreciated.

"ICUE & GeForce"

Sincerely thank you for your help and/or recommendations. 


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