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Bad SD memory card?


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I purchased a 1 Gig Corsair SD card for use with a Aiptek IS-DV digital camcorder. After it was put into the camcorder it was initially recognized, but after the camcorder was turned off and then back on, the card sometimes would be recognized, but at other times not. Occasionally I would get a "Card Error" message after reinserting the card. I tried reformating the card but that did not fix the problem. The problem became progressivly worse until the card now is not recognized at all. I have tried the card in several other SD devices; cameras and SD card readers and none will recognize the card. Some of the devices just keep asking for a card to be inserted even after the card has been inserted in the device. I have not been able to retrieve the jpeg and mpeg files which were created on the card, even using SD data recovery programs I downloaded. I'm stumped. I think the card may be bad. Suggestions? Can I get a RMA?
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