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Icue will only show sensors and nothing else


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i can't get iCUE to show my fans or RGB  lighting  The only things to show is a few sensors but that's it. I did an uninstall and added back but still will not work. It was after i updated to the new version Version 4.31.168 with Murals that my lights started to go out and back on, or just out of the blue would randomly change colors on the pump. i have tried to go to a older versions but did not work


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I know this might be unrelated but for me my keyboard wasn't showing in the program, so i just unplugged the usb, plugged it into another port, it showed up worked fine, then put it back into the previous port and worked fine too. not saying you should unplug and re plug your fans but, might be an answer? hopefully someone else comes with a better solution.

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