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New Fan or Modification Request

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Hello Corsair

I wanted to make this thread requesting a new fan design or an option to modify one of your existing products. I know I am not the only person doing this. I Have the 6 ML120 RGB Elite fans on two 360mm rads. The case I have puts 1 rad at the top and 1 at the bottom. As you can see in the pictures the top rad looks great as the fans are in front of the LEDs and the orientation correctly push air through the rad. The bottom one however, I can't put the fans in so that the fans are facing upwards as intended. To see the RGB I have to have the fans in a pull orientation (upside down). This puts the RGB at the top and the fan below. This is making it, so the light is not being diffused by the white fins as intended. 

The request is to have this exact fan, but the fins reversed. Instead of pushing air in its designed orientation. Have it pull air in that orientation so that the RGBs are still correctly under the fan blade. I hope I explained that so that you understand what I mean. You can see in the pictures that the bottom fans LEDs are a very harsh dot of light






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it doesn't answer the question but.. dumping one rad's heat in the other is never too efficient so.. you could actually set the bottom fans as push, exhausting air towards the bottom.

that would give you a little drop in temperature, and better lighting.

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